Technicolor CEO,Patricia Ann Dave, and
her husband Dr. Khamaj Dave Steal Riley?

I understand that a lot of people think that rich people do not steal or lie. I am listing the reasons I strongly suspect that the Technicolor CEO,Patricia Ann Dave, in Camarillo, and her husband Dr. Khamaj Dave, Oxnard cardiologist have stolen Riley.

  • Patricia never called the phone number on the harness during the 2 weeks after she found it. She only called after she got the official postcard in the mail. I believe that Patricia called, because she assumed that I sent her the postcard because I knew she had Riley. She called me to find out what I knew.
  • The only way Patricia would have known to call the number on the postcard was if she had seen Riley and recognized him on the picture in the postcard. The phone number on the harness did not match the phone number on the postcard I mailed out. Riley’s name was not on the harness.
  • When Patricia first called, she did everything possible to hide her identity. She called at 7am on a Saturday - hiding her phone number and not telling us her name or where she lived. A private investigator was able to track her down.
  • Patricia kept changing her story of who found the harness. First it was the gardener, then it was herself and then it was a contractor that she would never be able to contact again.
  • Patricia said the harness was clipped shut when she found it. The harness was very tight on Riley. The only way Riley could get out of his harness was if it was unclipped by a human. Also, the harness was professionally tested and there was no blood or body fluids/saliva on Riley’s harness. Therefore, it is impossible that a coyote ate Riley.
  • I asked Patricia if she could watch her surveillance video to see if she could determine how the harness got on her property. She refused saying she was too busy.
  • Within 8 hours after Simi Valley Missing Pets walked her street handing out flyers to neighbors, Patricia suddenly was able to review all of her surveillance video. Patricia said she saw Riley getting taken away by a coyote on her video. She said the video was dark and grainy, but she knew it was Riley. When I asked about how the harness got back to her house, she got agitated and angry. I pointed out that the harness did not have blood or saliva on it and she started screaming at me. She said she refused to let me or any third party see this video.
  • Patricia said that on her surveillance video she saw Riley being taken by a coyote at 4:05AM on August 12. I have a confirmed sighting of Riley after this time at 3PM on August 12 going towards Patricia's house, so Patricia’s claim is not possible. Once again, Patricia has even till today refused to share this supposed video.
  • Patricia told me that it was my fault for bringing Riley to California in the first place. She told me repeatedly that I need to give up the dream of finding Riley.
  • I asked Patricia to ask her security company to review her tapes to confirm what she saw. I offered to pay her twice whatever her security company charged and offered to send a check made out to cash to the police station if Patricia was worried about her privacy. Patricia refused and changed her story at that point. She said that she did not have a security company.
  • The first time Patricia called me, she said that she had talked to her gardener about Riley's harness and that he had not seen anything with regards to Riley - good or bad. The last time I talked to her, Patricia said that she had not spoken with her gardeners yet and that her gardeners could not speak English.
  • Since losing Riley, I have visited Camarillo multiple times and reposted flyers. These flyers are posted on this website and have no reference to Patricia and Khamaj Dave. However, Patricia had one of her employees at Technicolor (license plate number: LOCO LKR) go around and tear down Riley's flyers. Why would Patricia have Riley's flyers pulled down unless she had stolen Riley and did not want neighbors to recognize him?

Patricia Ann Dave and Dr. Khamaj Dave, MD