Summary Timeline of Events

We will never stop looking for Riley

8/11 - Lost Riley; Mailman spotted Riley running on Calle Las Sombra towards Las Posas

8/12 - Woman saw Riley at 3 pm on Crestview (500 feet from Las Posas); Followed for a long time until Riley ran onto 75 Crestview property (700 feet away from the Dave's home)

8/12 to 8/24 - Handed out over 2,000 flyers, including at the Dave's home

8/29 - Everyone in 93010 zipcode received postcard about Riley stating $1,000 reward (FYI, it is a felony to knowingly have someone's lost property valued over $950)

8/30 - Technicolor CEO, Patricia Ann Dave called at 7 am (Saturday) saying she had found Riley's harness two weeks before. She had not called the number on the harness that whole time. She changed her story many times about who found the harness (her, a gardener, a contractor). Since the phone number on the harness did not match the one on the flyer and Riley's name was not on the harness, the only reason Patricia would know to call us is because she had seen Riley and recognized his picture on the postcard.

9/6 - Left message for Patricia saying that we had increased the reward to $10,000. Patricia texted back saying that she would return the harness, but wanted no further contact with us.

9/8 - Simi Valley Missing Pets posted flyers on the Dave's street (Encino Ave) and spoke with neighbors

9/9 - Patricia called saying that she saw on her surveillance video that Riley was eaten by a coyote at 4am on 9/12 (This is not possible as Riley was seen after this on 75 Crestview in Camarillo). Patricia said the video was grainy and hard to see, but refused to let us or a third party (e.g. surveillance company) see the video to confirm what she saw. She said she did not have a surveillance company.

9/18 - We received harness in the mail after Patricia dropped it off at the police station. Testing found no blood or body fluids (saliva, etc) on the harness. Obviously, Riley was not eaten by a coyote.

10/13 - Left voicemail on Patricia Ann Dave and Khamaj Dave MD's work phone and home phone saying we were not interested in pressing charges and wanted to know the name of the gardener that found Riley's harness. No response.

  • Voicemail left on Patricia Ann Dave and Khamaj Dave MD's home phone
  • Voicemail left on Patricia's Work Phone
  • 11/2 - While visiting Camarillo again, saw that the Riley flyers were no longer on Encino Ave. Reposted flyers on street.

    11/9 - The Dave's neighbor saw a man pulling down all the Lost Riley flyers (license plate LOCO LKR). Patricia later admitted to a volunteer that this man is someone that works for her at Technicolor.

    11/11 - Patricia Dave (CEO of Technicolor in Camarillo) and Khamaj Dave (cardiologist in Oxnard) created a Facebook page called "TruthAbout Riley". They posted a four page letter explaining how they were the true victims. We kept their posts on our page and all the readers started pointing out the Dave's lies.

    11/12 - Patricia and Khamaj Dave deleted all their posts and took down their Facebook profile "TruthAbout Riley" in an obvious attempt to hide what they had said.